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Good Morality

Use common sense when making decisions and actions on the server. While some things may not be listed in the rules directly, it’s your responsibility to uphold good behaviour. This is a game for players to come on and have fun together, there is no real reason for un-sportsmanship or rude attitude to occur at any time whilst paying on the server.

Punishment: Based on severity of the violated rule.

Illegal Modifications Or Hacked Clients

Any user found using a client that modifies the game and gives you an unfair advantage is against the rules. We do not allow any unfair clients, certain resource packs, mods, or any other program that will modify the game outside of what has been set up for the server. This includes things such as macros which will type /sellall for you every second, however, macros to save shop advertisements and things similar are permitted.

Punishment: Based on severity of the violated rule.

Respect all Staff Members

The staff members volunteer their time to help make sure all players on Superior Prisons are in a fun and safe environment, they make sure that the rules are being followed at all times and help with questions some players may have. When it comes to moderation, please respect the staff member’s decisions regarding the rules or topic that they state. Players who are caught harassing or disrespecting staff will be punished accordingly.

Punishment: Based on severity of the violated rule.

Offensive Language

The use of offensive language in public chat or private messages is prohibited, this includes racism or anything similar which may bring offence to another player.

Punishment: Temporary mute

Spamming Messages or Commands

Attempting to flood chat with messages which are sent rapidly, contain excessive characters or symbols, repeat the same word or phrase, or are filled with random letters are considered spam. This also includes teleport requests, private messages, island commands, and island chats.

Punishment: Temporary mute


Advertising another server anywhere on our services will result in an immediate punishment from the server, and potentially any related services. Advertising links, discord servers, and similar can result in a punishment.

Punishment: Based on severity of the violated rule.

Offensive Tags / Capes

Tags which contain offensive language is not allowed, and players whose skin or cape do not follow basic morality guidelines is also not allowed.

Punishment: Temporary ban

Death Threatening

Messages which threaten another player’s life with harsh remarks is forbidden, regardless of the context, they’re being used in or if they’re being said as a joke.

Punishment: Based on severity of the violated rule.

DDoS Threats / Personal Attacks

Purposefully breaching any player’s privacy by releasing their information, threatening them, or sending them attacks is not tolerated under any circumstances. Sensitive information such as full names, addresses, IP’s, phone numbers, or anything similar in regards are to be respected by that person’s privacy

Punishment: Based on severity of the violated rule.

Impersonation of Staff Members

Attempting to impersonate a staff member through nicknames or changing your actual Minecraft Username to one very similar to a staff member’s can be considered impersonation. Please note that all staff members can be identified by the rank in front of their username.

Punishment: Based on severity of the violated rule.

IRL Trading / Scamming

In Real Life Scamming is when a player attempts to trade items or goods on the server for real life money or a package from our webstore. Attempting to trade virtual goods for real life money is prohibited. You are however permitted to purchase an item for another player in the store in return for a good deed, favour or item. With the Buycraft Confirm feature in place, if you confirm a purchase, you are held liable in the event that the item is forcefully chargebacked.

Punishment: Permanent / Temporary ban

In game scamming

Scamming is not permitted. Players caught tricking others by selling falsely labeled items, lying, /ah selling (renamed items as something else), or failing to give payment when initially offered will be punished for scamming. Anyone found scamming should be reported to a staff member immediately and reported to a staff member. Unfortunately if you have been scammed, you will not be able to receive any refunds or reimbursements from the server. If you decide to join someone else's plot, you are at liability and they have permission to take your items, disband the plot or more. You take this risk by joining someone else’s plot which is not your own.

Punishment: Permanent / Temporary ban

Payment Chargebacks

When you purchase a package off our webstore, you agree to our Terms and Conditions, which states clearly that all transactions are final and that we do not offer refunds. Attempting to charge back your package violates our terms and conditions and will lead into a permanent punishment. Furthermore, you are not eligible to purchase an unban once you have carried out a chargeback. If you do decide to open a chargeback, we have sufficient evidence to back ourselves. & we take chargebacks very seriously and we will fight the claim under all circumstances.

Punishment: Permanent IP Ban

Duplication of In Game Items

Having possession of in game items that have been duplicated is prohibited. This affects the economy in a very negative way by inflating the global balance of items and bringing down their values. Reporting players may result in a possible reward if found guilty. Reporting players may result in a possible reward if found guilty.

Punishment: Permanent / Temporary ban

Plot Names and Descriptions

If a plot name or description breaks any of the server rules, such as containing offensive language, the owner and members of that plot will face consequences based off the rule which they violated. Plot descriptions are to not advertise other servers or services, and are not to have inappropriate/masked links.

Punishment: Based on severity of the violated rule.

Ban Evading and Alternate Accounts

Logging onto an alternate account when you have an active ban on your account(s) is considered Ban Evading. Evading any punishment will result in a more severe or permanent mute/ban from the server on your main account. All alternate accounts which are logged onto the server under your IP Address will be linked to your account and considered your responsibility for any rules violated on these accounts. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to avoid a punishment on the server is prohibited! If you attempt to connect to the server using another Third Party Connection, you'll be putting your account at risk of being punished. You can also only have 2 accounts per ip address, if you exceed this, it is our choice on which one to ban

Punishment: Permanent / Temporary ban